International School Curriculum in Penang

international school Penang

The International School of Penang – also known as Uplands International School – is located in penang Malaysia. It was established in 1955 with the intention of imparting international standard education to the people of penang, Malaysia. Today the International School of Penang is a leading university providing a foreign student-based education. The school has over 1300 students enrolled with almost half coming from outside of Malaysia. It is a part of the University of Malayudah.

This international school has built its success on the quality of education that it offers to students from different countries. The International School offers many programs and majors such as International Business and Law; MBA; International Marketing; Masters in Business Administration; Master of Science; and Ph.D. In International Business and Law. Many of the students enroll for Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, Management, MBA, and Teachable Technologies. The Bachelor’s degrees in International Business and Law and other programs are also available.

Penang also offers International School Certificate Program. It is a two year program for students who have completed primary and secondary levels. It is also one of the very few schools in Penang that offers diplomas for preschool and kindergarteners. The International School Certificate Program trains future business leaders and managers. It also develops leadership skills and enhances management competency.

The International School Certificate Program is accredited by The Ministry of Education and not by all foreign universities. However, there are over 15 international schools that offer their programs in penang. The International School Certificate Program is available for primary and secondary students. The first two years of the program cover the core academic subjects including mathematics, grammar, reading, writing, science, health, and life sciences. After the second year, the students have to successfully complete a secondary school diploma. The International School Certificate Program curriculum and teaching methodology differ from primary and secondary levels.

A large number of international schools have their websites. There are a few important points that parents or guardians should be aware of when selecting a penang school. Penang has three different educational levels; primary, middle, and secondary. At primary level, the students are taught English as a first language. The primary school curriculum includes subjects like Mathematics, Grammar, History, and English. The middle school students are taught English while the secondary school students are taught Math, History, Geography, Language, Science, and Health.

English language and English culture are taught at secondary level. At middle school, students are taught English for the international business market. At high school, these subjects are taught once more. Therefore, there are two types of schools in penang; the private schools that accept students only within their stipulated time limit and the public or state schools, which accept students all through their academic course. Every school accepts students of each age; however, the age requirements are mentioned on the admission form.

There is a big difference between primary and secondary education in penang. The primary schools usually provide a five-year course of study and the secondary schools provide a three year course. The two different types of schools include the private schools and the government aided schools. Both of them provide the International School Curriculum. The British curriculum offers a National Curriculum, which means that all the subjects are taught in the same way by the same teachers in the same set of schools.

The British National Curriculum is made up of Primary, Secondary and College education. The International School Curriculum is a mix of the primary and secondary levels of teaching. While the British national curriculum encourages academic and social awareness, it does not have a holistic approach and as such, the International School Curriculum is a more suitable choice for those who are looking for a more flexible approach. There are many International Schools in Penang; the best way to get a list of these schools and their details is to do a net search on Google.