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"I live in a cramped appartment, so when somedifference brought their magic to my space, I couldn't believe it was the same spot! They brought luxury into my home".
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Ramona Silvers
"As an interior designer myself, choosing somedifference was the best decision I ever made. They changed my house into a whole new living space worthy of an award".
Jessica Langour
"I wanted my home to have the essence of my Arabic culture. I was blown away at the amazing work somedifference and its team did. It really meant a lot for a foreigner like me".
Ahmad Samoot
"I like how their team plays around with architectural structure of the house to blend together with the furniture. I never seen such level of detail in interior design like this before".
Danial Trevor
"I finally have an office space that isn't just all about work. Somedifference truly understands what their clients want, and designed a unique, comfy area where I can think and work peacefully from my home".
Monica Emilier